Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twolia Music Store Opening

Get started selling your music on Twolia now!

Setting up a membership is FREE and easy to do! To begin playing and selling your music at the Twolia Music store, you'll first need to register for a Twolia membership account and create a music profile. You can sign-up here. Then, go to the Sell Your Music license and distribution agreement page. At this point, to sell your music we'll need a credit card from you for verification purposes.

Here's How this Works - Simply Upload your music...

  1. Member buys your song for .99 cents each.
  2. Money is deposited immediately into your PayPal™ account.
  3. Then, on or about the 7th of each month, Twolia bills the Artist’s credit card (or a credit card-issued debit card) for its share of the revenue (for a single song the amount is $.33 cents each) from the sale.

For more information, please check our Help page or fill out the form below and a Twolia music store representative will contact you. Twolia makes it easy to track your sales and pay your bill each month with a single click! Join Now!

“Twolia is a platform for women’s talent & creativity that attracts people from around the world through the novelty of its design and entertainment options!”

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