Thursday, March 19, 2009

Women Entrepreneurs Unite at Twolia

For those of you who do not know who Twolia is...let me digress a bit and provide some background info. . .

Twolia is the brainchild of company founder & CEO, Donna Meté and is the culmination of several years work building an exciting destination that appeals to the thriving and innovative community of women artists and entrepreneurs.

This global destination offers an impressive array of entertainment options, from one of the first women's online talent contests, to music downloads, and merchandise and film sales produced and sold by women everywhere. Twolia enables women to showcase their talents and merchandise by providing an online sales and marketing platform along with fully supported transaction processing to enable them to sell and distribute their products anywhere in the world.

Twolia is the definitive repository for filmmakers, independent musicians, actors, entrepreneurs and creative women seeking a platform for their many talents! We are currently populating the site with female musicians and business owners selling their products.

Twolia bloggers provide our readers with a variety of personal insights and opinions on everything from fashion and beauty tips, politics, food, books to read, films to watch, celebrity gossip, sports, business opps, and much, much more.

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